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Applying is the first step needed to getting the wheels in motion. Simply apply online now and get pre approved within a few hours, or call us at 1.506.855.8802 to speak with a Car Loan Expert.

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Getting approved is your next step. Good, Bad or Ugly Credit is no problem as we have over 15 lenders that we can choose from, with a few lenders that even offers a 100% Guaranteed Approval.

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The Fun Stuff…picking a car. Yes we have access to inventory, all you need to do is pick one. Don’t see what you like? No Problem, we have access to thousands of vehicles each week.

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Their is nothing like the feeling you get when you are sitting behind the wheel and driving your new to you vehicle for the first time. We take great pleasure in insuring you have a positive stress free experience from applying to driving.

100% Guaranteed Approval...Really!

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Have you got a question for our car loan experts, text us at 506.962.7891 or simply fill in the form below.